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Vaping and water piping connections and key differences

There are several resources which connect vaping to the way older habit of using water pipes therefore the two habits are connected in several ways, sharing some of their attributes but differing in any other ways. Let’s see this time around what’s the relationship and also the key differences between vaping and using a water pipe.

How does water piping work?

The process of the water pipe is based on burning tobacco and literally inhaling it through a certain amount of water, which serves as a very dense filter from that point on. As the smoke is filtered by the water, it also means that most of its toxic derivate will be left behind. This way, the smoker of the water pipe will inhale a much purer smoke. The tube water pipe uses is also way longer and the whole device was built in a way that it will leave its user or users to enjoy water piping for a way longer time than one can smoke tobacco. Water piping was also the first which started to use scented and blended tobacco, to make the habit much more enjoyable for everyone. In the Arabic world, the shisha bars are traditionally male territory, but this does not mean that women won’t enjoy water piping in a more private environment. In the western world, shisha bars are welcoming everyone and are great for parties or as meeting places for couples and friends alike.

Let’s quickly enlist the similarities between vaping and water-piping below:

  • Successful filtering of harmful and toxic materials
  • The inclusion of a liquid in the process
  • The inclusion of blends to make the habit more attractive
  • It can be exercised literally for hours
  • Water-pipe is traditionally a larger device which is not for carrying around.

While the filtering method and the usage of liquid are definitely similar to vaping there are tons of differences to enlist when it comes to the latter. Let’s get to see a couple of these:

The usage of an atomizer: this is the core difference between smoking and vaping. The atomizer works as a small engine that literally atomizes the liquid (e-liquid) that’s used in the vaper and transforms it to a gas-like substance which will create the smoke, which will make the habit so similar to smoking.

Vaping is not smoking: because it’s the vapor or steam the users inhale and it has nothing to do with burning per se.

Vapers do not need nicotine: while water pipe in its core involves the use of tobacco, e-liquids do not contain tobacco and their nicotine levels are totally optional, never compulsory.

As you can see while there are definite similarities between the two habits, there are just as many, if not more differences between them. In their core they are based on different priorities. While the use of water pipe is a social activity which is to be done in company, vaping is more similar to modern day smoking which one can exercise literally anywhere and anytime.

We hope that you liked this small comparison between vaping and using water pipes. As a conclusion, while the connection is there, today both habits are separate on their own rights.