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The history of vaping

There is so much talk about vaping, but there aren’t many articles out there which would discuss all the ancestors of vaping, therefore we thought to take on this task and represent you with some of the ancestors of modern vaping. Let’s get started!

The shisha (water pipe)

Although it’s not included in any official resources Shisha or Hookah is one of the most legit ancestors of today’s vapers. The method of using water to filter out all the harmful substances tobacco contains was one of the first health preventive methods to smoking and it looks to be working fine. That’s exactly why the habit of using shisha is alive and happily conquering the world, thanks to all the shisha bars which don’t only offer water pipes but also a mysterious Middle Eastern atmosphere to make the habit of piping even more authentic.

Indeed the habit of using shisha has become one of the oldest traditions in the Arabic culture. So much, that the ancient Moorish have made it a tradition also in the Indian subcontinent almost a thousand years ago. As the water pipe is called Hookah in India, today it’s either Hookah or Shisha bars we can frequent all around the world.

It is not only its way of filtering out toxic ingredients what makes water pipe similar to vaping: It was also the first ever genre of smoking which started to include attractive blends. Today, this tradition is proudly continued by vaping where users get the chance to choose from over a hundred different flavors, which are based on the tastes of fruits, drinks and even food!

The ancestor of modern vaporizer

The official ancestor of today’s vaporizers is the invention of Herbert A Gilbert who created his first vaporizer in the 1960 and works with e-cigarettes to this day. His vaporizer was a large device which was definitely not portable but still, it served as a base for the process of atomizing which transforms liquid to a steam-like breathable substance. The invention was then improved in several different ways depending on the continent. One thing for sure is, that the create of the first cigarette-like e-cigarette is a Chinese pharmacist called Hon Lik who was inspired by the death of his father who was a heavy smoker, therefore he came to the conclusion, that inventing a device which is similar in nature but doesn’t contain the toxic derivate of smoking will be able to help smokers to quit smoking and switch to vaping as the much healthier alternate.

Some statistics

According to statistics, the large majority of today’s vapers did or still do smoke. Vaporizers are most often turned to as the healthier alternate and used as an assistant in quitting smoking. The number of people who start vaping without prior smoking is still very small. In the United Kingdom, vaping helped roughly 40% of smokers in quitting smoking altogether and we can expect this number to further increase. While vaping is confirmed to be way healthier than smoking, their exact bad effects (if any) are still under debate. We hope that you enjoyed this short history lesson on vaping and that vaping can help more and more people in quitting smoking.