On current public Vaping regulations

While vaping and e-cigarettes were largely unregulated in the United States, where the whole habit generates from, this summer the whole has changed, after FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) has released its full set of laws and regulations concerning both vaping and the use of e-cigarettes. The regulations were necessary up to a certain limit, however it may also hurt those who use vaping as a healthier substitute for smoking.

According to the laws which were made official in May 2016 vaping will fall under similar regulations than smoking

According to the laws which were made official in May 2016 vaping will fall under similar regulations than smoking. What will this mean? On the positive side, it will mean that there will not be any shady manufacturing of e-liquids as all e-liquid producers are now bounded by the law to submit the list of ingredients for every single sort of e-liquid which they sell. This means, that authorities will have a much larger focus on what exactly manufacturers use in their vaporizers. They will also check the contents and emission rates of all the disposable e-cigarettes which are currently sold in the United States. As for the rest of the law, the regulations will prohibit anyone under 18 to buy vaping products all in all. Similarly to smoking one has to be over 18 years old to be able to buy vaping products. Also these are to be sold in tobacco stores or stores with an official license to sell vaping products. As an addition today no e-liquids can be sold without featuring the warning labels which are also used for tobacco products.

As for the habit of vaping itself, while the smoke it emits does not contain harmful materials, today vaping is just as limited as smoking is, in most public spaces. This is because of the visibility of the steam/smoke it emits and its rather mental effects on people. Therefore, today vaping is very close to be dealt with exactly the same way smoking is. These new laws are now also being exercised in the area of the European Union where vaping also falls under the legislation of the local tobacco administration offices.

Pros and cons of the new legislations:

While it’s a definite pro that vaping is now limited to people over 18 years of age and it’s great that the ingredients will be way more supervised than before, handling vaping the same way as smoking also poses plenty of risks especially for those, who quit smoking in favor of the more liberal vaping back in the day. If vaping is the same limited for public as cigarettes, this may assist in eroding the mental difference between the two: meaning that people eventually would see no use in stopping smoking and switch it with vaping, if vaping is just as harshly regulated as smoking is.

While the vaping regulations are still being rolled out to this day, let’s hope that they will not hurt vaping even more: it’s essential especially for the young generation to see a much healthier and more accessible alternative to smoking when it comes to vaping.